Our manufacture is on models previously analyzed and designed in PDS, however, we like to contribute with the client by offering new designs that adapt to their needs and at the same time are competitive solutions in the market.
The specialty of the house is the block pallet to work with racks and conveyors, it is highly durable, being an excellent option for reuse; the bar pallet is an alternative to be used on the floor, being the most suitable to send merchandise in a single turn.
The dimensions are determined by the type of transport (dry box, container or van), they also depend on the market where it is going to be exported; having a design difference from one country to another. Reason why it is difficult to standardize a model.
Our products are as follows:

The design may vary in relation to the measurements of the components that make it up. In order to offer a pallet at a good price, it is advisable to comply with the measures dictated in the market for pallet wood.

If your need is not in the suggestion, Pallets del Bosque can work with any specification, our wood supply and planning team will solve it.

Type Thich Width Long
Stave 11/16″ 3.5″ 40”, 44”, 48”, 56”
11/16″ 5″ 40”, 44”, 48”, 56”
11/16″ 5.5″ 40”, 44”, 48”, 56”
Block 3.5″ 5″ 3.5” – 7.5”
3.5″ 3.5″ 3.5” – 7.5”
Bar 1.5″ 3.5″ 40”, 48”, 56”
1.5″ 4″ 40”, 48”, 56”
1.5″ 3.5″ 40”, 48”, 56”

Pallets del bosque

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